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Visa Requirements

  • Visas are required by all visitors to Egypt.
  • E-Visa. You can obtain an e-Visa for tourism purposes prior to travel by completing an application and making payment online. The e-Visa can be obtained up to 3 months before you travel and is valid for 30 days from the day you enter the country. The e-Visa is available to a long list of eligible countries and the Government of Egypt is constantly adding to the list. The current cost of a single entry e-Visa for tourism purposes is USD25 or equivalent. The visa cost is set to rise to USD60 and may do so at any time and without notice.
  • We recommend you secure an e-Visa prior to travel as it will speed up the immigration process on your arrival.

  • Online applications can be completed at:

  • Visa upon arrival. Some nationalities are able to procure their tourist visa upon arrival at Cairo International Airport. Please contact your nearest Egyptian Embassy or Consulate to see if this is available to you. The current cost of the visa is USD25 and is payable in USD CASH. Although not official, a visa can near always also be paid in equivalent GBP or Euro (cash only) according to the exchange rate of the day. The visa cost upon arrival is also set to rise to USD60 - again this may happen without notice. Please note that in the event of visa refusal at port of entry, On The Go Tours cannot be held responsible. We recommend that you secure an e-visa prior to arrival, (if you are eligible to do so) to avoid currency hassles and to make your immigration quicker.

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